Fly Prescott Regional Airport to LA or Denver Before December 31.

Help Us Reach 10,000 enplanements for 2018

The Prescott regional airport is reporting that enplanements continue to increase.  Most recent numbers show that planes flying to Los Angeles and Denver were, on average, nearly 80% filled.  This is great news for the airport and the City.

Here’s more good news:  The airport is on track for 10,000 enplanements by December 31 of this year.  What does this mean for the City and the Airport?  If we reach 10,000 enplanements, this will unlock $1 Million Dollars in Federal funds for upgrades and improvements at the airport.

These additional dollars will be used to make Prescott Regional Airport safer and more customer friendly.

How can you help?  Book a flight to LA or Denver this year.  Go for business, visit family, or just visit and see the sights.  Tickets are very reasonable, but they are going fast.  Book today at, and help Prescott Regional airport get to 10,000 enplanements for 2018!

Runway Rehabilitation and Hot Spot Mitigation Construction Project

On July 30, 2018, the City of Prescott initiated a Runway Rehabilitation and Hot Spot Mitigation Project at Prescott Municipal Airport.  The $6M, 106-day construction project will involve several runway closures, and be performed in the following estimated phases:

Phase 1: 19 days (7/30 – 08/18) Runway 3R/21L will be closed 24 hours/day
Phase 2: 3 days (8/19 – 8/21) Runways 3R/21L and 12/30 will be closed 24 hours/day
Phase 3a:  9 days (8/22 – 8/30) Runway 3R/21L will be closed nightly, 10pm – 8am
Phase 3b:  5 days (8/31-09/04) Runways 3R/21L and 12/30 closed nightly, 10pm – 8am
Phase 4:  27 days (09/05 – 10/01) Runway 3R/21L closed nightly, 10pm – 8am
Phase 4a:  3 days (10/02 -10/04) Runways 3R/21L and 12/30 closed nightly, 10pm – 8am
Phase 5a:  8 days (10/05 -10/12) Runway 3R/21L closed nightly, 10pm – 8am
Phase 5b:  2 days (10/13-10/14) Runways 3R/21L and 12/30 closed nightly, 10pm – 8am

All times are local.  Some changes to this schedule may occur over the course of the project.  Please check NOTAMs for official airfield closure or construction work impact notices.

Important note:  Pilots landing on Runway 21R are asked to use extra caution not to confuse a full length parallel taxiway (taxiway C) for the runway surface.  Please carefully confirm you can see the 21R runway designation markings before landing on that runway!

U.S. Department of Transportation Selects SkyWest Airlines-United Express for Essential Air Service at Prescott Municipal Airport

In keeping with the recommendation by the City of Prescott and the Town of Prescott Valley, the U.S. Department of Transportation has selected SkyWest Airlines, operating as United Express, to provide Essential Air Service (EAS) at Prescott Municipal Airport (PRC) for a period of two years, beginning in late August, 2018.

United Express will operate 50-seat CRJ 200 jets from Prescott, with roundtrip flights daily to Denver, and six days a week to Los Angeles, every day except Saturday.   Prescott Airport Director, Dr. Robin Sobotta, notes that passengers will be able to connect through Denver or LA to hundreds of destinations throughout the world.

Travelers will be able to book tickets using the United Airlines website beginning the week of July 23, or they can use online travel websites, or local travel agents.

Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli said that United Express will change the travel paradigm for area residents.  “For years we have all operated under the mind set of going to Phoenix for air travel,” said Mengarelli.  “Travelers can now fly anywhere they want in the world conveniently from Prescott.  Our thanks to Dr. Sobotta and the team that brought this together.”

“We are so pleased with the Department of Transportation, our local leaders who voiced support for this service, the Airport Advisory Committee, and our dedicated airport staff for bringing all of this together, said Dr. Robin Sobotta, Airport Director.   “It is a new day for commercial air service in Prescott.”

Prescott Valley Mayor Harvey Skoog said that SkyWest Airlines is the right choice for essential air service.  “Our leadership wholeheartedly supports the selection of SkyWest Airlines.  They have a solid reputation of providing reliable air service to communities across the country. I am certain they will meet the needs of Prescott Valley and the entire region.”

Prescott Chamber of Commerce President Sheri Heiney said that the new essential air service will be good for business.  “Los Angeles is the number two market for tourism in Prescott,” said Heiney.  “The added convenience of flying directly into Prescott will strengthen our appeal as a destination for leisure and business travel.”

On July 3, the City of Prescott recommended SkyWest Airlines, operating as United Express, as their preferred carrier for EAS at PRC.  Prescott City Council unanimously approved a recommendation to the DOT to select SkyWest Airlines- United Express as the region’s EAS Provider.

On March 26, Great Lakes Airlines ceased service at PRC, resulting in a DOT request for proposals from airlines interested in providing EAS at the airport.  Those proposals were due at midnight on July 2.  Seven proposals were received, including bids from Advanced Air, ADI/California Pacific Airlines, Boutique Air, Key Lime Air, Mokulele Airlines, Silver Airways, and SkyWest Airlines.  Three of the carriers bid Prescott with regional jets.  The carriers bid a variety of locations including Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Hawthorne, CA.

SkyWest Airlines is based in St. George, Utah.  According to their website, SkyWest Airlines has over 13,000 aviation professionals operating over 2,400 daily flights, Sky West Airlines connects millions of passengers each month to 245 destinations across North America. Sky West Airlines operates in partnership with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines, and has a fleet of 443 aircraft.