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Reporting Noise

The Airport is committed to monitoring aircraft operations and airport-related noise levels in the communities surrounding the Prescott regional Airport, and is dedicated to helping stakeholders understand the facts, science, and regulations associated with airport flight operations and noise in a transparent, clear and accessible way to those we serve.

To file a report with the Airport, fill out Noise Report Form below anytime or call Airport Administration at 928-777-1114.

  • If you request a call back, airport staff will respond during normal business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Monday-Friday.
  • Noise complaints will only be logged when they contain accurate and complete information, including the first and last name, physical address, date and time of the noise occurrence and means of contact (telephone number or email address).
  • Noise complaints should be reported within one week of occurrence.
  • There is no limit to the number of complaints that an individual can submit or request to receive a response to each day. However, the Airport may only acknowledge receipt once per day, per complaint.
  • Please be aware that all information submitted will become part of the City’s public records and that Arizona’s Public Records Law, A.R.S. §39-121, et. seq. will require the City to disclose such record and information upon a request for public records.

Threatening and abusive language from complainants will not be tolerated. Phone calls, voicemail messages, or written communication with abusive language will not be tolerated (i.e. vulgar or offensive language that goes beyond expressing anger about a problem and begins attacking the airport staff member handling or receiving the complaint).

Any threats against people, structures, or aircraft will be forwarded to the appropriate local or federal law enforcement officials for review and possible response.

The Prescott Regional Airport has no regulatory authority over aircraft/helicopters in flight.

The FAA Office of Flight Standards monitors aircraft operations. Locally, the Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) services the Prescott area. Visit the SDL FSDO website or contact at (480) 284-4450.

For more information on filing a Low Flying Aircraft or Noise Report with the FAA, please visit the FAA website at either: FAA- Aircraft Noise  or FAA- No Low Fly

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