Rates & Fees

Aircraft Over 12,500 lbs Max. Gross Landing Weight

$1.50 local / $2 Transient per 1,000 lbs MGLW

DescriptionFee (Including Tax)
Single Engine & Light Helicoptors$20.00
Twin Engine & Turbine Helicoptors$30.00
Aircraft greater than 5,000 lbs$60.00
All Fees = Per Night

Re-Key Lock or Replacement of Lock $150.00Per Lock
Replacement / Additional Hangar Key $25.00Per Key
Airport Personnel Rate$61.00 Per Hour
After Hours/Emergency Call Out Fee$122.00Per Incident
Fingerprinting $110.00Per TimeNon-Refundable
Airport Driver Training $25.00Per BadgeNon-Refundable
Badge Replacement $75.00Per BadgeNon-Refundable
Non-Aeronautical Vehicle Storage Permit$100.00Per Month
Lease/License Document Transaction$200.00Per Transaction
Storage Agreement Transfer$100.00 Per Month
Fuel Flowage – Jet A$0.12Per GallonFBO
Fuel Flowage – AvGas$0.12Per GallonFBO
Fuel Flowage – Jet A & AvGas$0.15Per GallonNon-FBO
Self-Fueling Agreement Review$100.00 Per Month
Self-Fueling Agreement Application$1,500.00Per Permit
Runway or Taxiway Safety Area Incursion$1,000.00
Runway or Taxiway Incursion$2,500.00

Amounts shown are the maximum number per person per occurrence.